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Retreats are an excellent way to leave the everyday behind and commit time for renewal and reflection. Erika offer spiritual retreats that are open to the public as well as private retreats and workshops for groups. If you are interested in discussing a private program for your group, please send an email. You can view a sample of past programs below.  


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Past Retreats & Courses

Life as a Spiritual Journey Retreat

Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.  ~ Joseph Campbell

The events and challenges of our lives often leave us with a sense of confusion or incoherence, leaving us wondering where the Spirit is in our spiritual journey. If we reframe our stories through an archetypal lens – through the context of ancient myth and legend – we emerge with a new outlook that celebrates each of us as the main character in our own spiritual quest.

Joseph Campbell famously outlined the mythic path of the human journey that begins with a call to adventure and culminates with a transformed return to the world, a pattern exemplified by the lives of great spiritual leaders such as Jesus and Buddha. We also see this pattern in countless cultural stories from fairy tales to novels and modern movies. Over the course of this retreat, we explore how our own stories vibrate with deeper meaning when we map our individual lives onto the archetypal mythic journey.

This retreat includes an examination of the stages of the hero’s journey, reflective journaling, guided meditation, and group discussion that will help us consider the full range and depth of our journey’s purpose.  We will also talk about tools we can use that will help keep us connected to our soul’s deepest desires in the midst of our everyday lives. Together, we will venture beyond the mundane as we open up to the abundant richness inherent in each of our life stories.

Encountering God Retreat
The earth inhales God, why should we not do the same? ~ St. Thomas Aquinas

From the Sufi poets such as Rumi and Hafiz to Christian mystics such as Hildegard of Bingen and Meister Eckhart, spiritual adepts over the centuries have drawn our awareness to a state of direct spiritual knowing. Countless mystic writers describe states of complete saturation in delight, love, and peace, which exceeds anything the human mind can imagine. While many see these kinds of encounters as restricted to particular times or people, the mystic tradition invites us to embrace our own state of intimate divine knowing right here and now.

On this experiential retreat, we will embark on a journey of spiritual practice from across religious traditions and ask what it means to encounter God directly. How can we cultivate practices that evoke the living presence of the divine? Through meditation and contemplative exercises, we will dive into stillness and draw closer to the richness of our inner world. The sessions will include instruction on practical methods of integrating the spiritual with the everyday so that we can foster lives that are informed, moment by moment, by our highest intentions. These practices instill calmness, mindfulness, and focus: qualities that set the stage for our vibrant awareness, which always includes the living presence of the divine.

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