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Past Courses

The Hero's Journey: Illuminating the Shadow

This course focuses on a vital part of the hero's journey as outlined by mythologist Joseph Campbell: identifying and integrating our unconscious. Psychologist Carl Jung used the term "shadow" to describe the unconscious repository of experiences and thoughts that our mind has repressed, rejected, or forgotten. Eastern spiritual traditions such as Buddhism and yoga describe a similar concept through the idea of samskaras, our conditioned patterns of thinking and behaving that cause us to act unconsciously. 


In this course, look at the shadow's role in the hero's journey cycle and discuss tools that allow us to acknowledge and recognize this hidden aspect of ourselves. While the darkness of the shadow is best known for holding negative aspects of our mind, Campbell reminds us that the shadow "also encloses values, positive values, that you have not allowed to come into your life." Working with our shadow allows us to free bound energy, heal wounded parts of our psyche, and enjoy the freedom that comes with conscious choice. Each session offers time for questions and discussion.

The Hero's Journey: Life as a Spiritual Journey

This course serves as an introduction to using Joseph Campbell’s map of the hero's journey as a lens through which to consider our personal experiences. Sessions are designed to offer each participant the space and resources to reflect on their personal spiritual journeys and to explore those thoughts in the group. 

Participants are offered journaling and experiential exercises to complete during the week; questions, discussion, and reflection will drive our conversations about our own unique “quest,” challenges that arise on the journey, and how we might invite change moving forward. We also discuss how mindfulness and other spiritual practices offer tools finding our path, staying on it, and enjoying the ride!

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