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Tai Chi Class



Qigong Classes

Qigong (pronounced chee-gung, literally "life-energy cultivation") is an ancient technique of harnessing energy through breath and movement. Qigong has been developed and utilized in many different contexts, including health, healing, philosophy, and martial arts. Qigong is a close cousin to the practice of Tai Chi, and there are many different types of qigong practiced throughout the world.


Our qigong class combines traditional qigong exercises, mindfulness practice, and meditation. These gentle and meditative movements help joints, circulation, body awareness, and balance. We also cover helpful somatic principles such as ying and yang muscles, planes of movement, and dantien and mingmen. No experience necessary, all are welcome! Wear comfortable clothing; no yoga mat needed. 

Fee: by donation. Location: Zoom. Please email for more information.

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