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Meditation & Mindfulness

Weekly Meditation Programs

Meditation and mindfulness are both ancient practices. Meditation is the practice of focusing the mind, and there are many different approaches to meditation from a variety of traditions. Mindfulness, on the other hand, is the practice of being completely present with conditions as they are without judgement. Disciplining the mind requires some time that we set apart from our day in order to create conditions that foster focus and attentions. However, we can also integrate both meditation and mindfulness into our daily routines, being mindful even as we go about our day-to-day lives. Over time, the power of mindfulness and meditation transform the way we experience our lives, changing the way we understand the most mundane activities to the most profound challenges.


Training the mind has countless mental and physical benefits that are scientifically proven, allowing us to become more focused, manage stress more skillfully, and feel a sense of centeredness and solidity. At the same time, these these practices were originally designed to allow seekers to deepen their spiritual practice and achieve the highest spiritual state. Regardless of an individual's goals, mindfulness and meditation are always helpful, whether you are simply seeking to lessen your anxiety and stress or whether you want tools to help you on your path to spiritual discovery.


Our weekly meditation programs approach meditation and mindfulness from the heart of nondual traditions: from Buddhism to Judaism, mystics from across cultures and times offer similar practices and teachings that help us to turn inward. We discuss practical tools that allow us to quiet the mind, such as paced breathing and mantra, as well addressing the challenges that arise on the spiritual path. You are encouraged to use these fundamental tools to find and forge your own path as you begin - or continue - your journey of self-discovery. Enjoying the fruits of meditation requires long-term commitment; but it also cultivates greater capacity for enthusiasm and joy! 


Each meditation class includes instruction, meditation, as well as time for questions and sharing. All are welcome, from beginners to well-seasoned practitioners. Begin your journey to self-care and join us!

Fee: by donation. Location: Zoom. Please email for more information.

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