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Wake Up!

The only woman awake is the woman who has heard the flute! ~ Kabir

The word "buddha" simply means "awake." This is much different than the wakefulness of the ordinary mind; to be spiritually awake means to know the Truth of God and to be acting from that boundless love. Gautama Buddha, Jesus, and countless other spiritual saints light the way for the rest of us to experience that for ourselves.

Spiritual texts are rich with language entreating us to open our world to spiritual wakefulness. Rumi whispers, "The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don’t go back to sleep." Becoming — and remaining — conscious requires the courage of unflinching self-awareness. With the help of guides and mentors, we can integrate lost aspects of ourselves that have been relegated to the unconscious shadow. The brighter our light of awareness shines, the closer we are to completing our hero's journey and experiencing radical freedom. Meditate, contemplate, and find your teacher!

~ Erika

Friend, Wake Up! Why Do You Go On Sleeping?

Friend, wake up! Why do you go on sleeping?

The night is over— do you want to lose the day

the same way?

Other women who managed to get up early have

already found an elephant or a jewel...

so much was lost already while you slept...

and that was so unnecessary!

The one who loves you understood, but you did not.

You forgot to make a place in your bed next to you.

Instead you spent your life playing.

In your twenties you did not grow

because you did not know who your Lord was.

Wake up! Wake up! There's no one in your bed—

He left you during the long night.

Kabir says: The only woman awake is the woman

who has heard the flute!

~ Kabir

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