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Opening the heart to revelation

One day the wind will show its kindness and remove the tiny patches that cover your eyes, and you will see God more clearly than you have ever seen yourself. ~ Rumi

As we enter into this season of increasing darkness, we are simultaneously reminded of the light of grace. We celebrate Hinduism’s Diwali and Judaism’s Hanukah, both coined “The Festival of Lights.” December also is the month of Bodhi Day, the celebration of Buddha’s enlightenment, as well as Christmas, the advent of Jesus’ birth. These holy days remind us of the ever-present power of grace to break through the darkness and disrupt convention's status quo.

Grace can also disrupt our own, personal darkness: the suffering that arises because of our spiritual ignorance. Through spiritual practices, we discover that revelation is not an external historical event, but an internal gift that dispels the ignorance of the limited mind. The famous psychologist Carl Jung was also a dedicated spiritual seeker and practitioner. In an interview, he was once asked whether he believed in God. Jung replied, “I don’t need to believe, I know.” Personal revelation offers us this kind of certainty, planting truth in the very core of our being.

Whatever the holiday season may bring, make this your time to invite grace by connecting with your deepest longing. In this way, we release the mind’s ignorant darkness and embrace the sublime darkness of divine mystery that poet Ramprasad calls “the mystic illumination.” May you bask in the radiance within!

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