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Awakening Kundalini

"The awakening of Kundalini is the power of revelation and transformation. She reveals Her own true nature not just as the mind and body that we think we are, but as our unbroken unity with the infinite." ~ Lawrence Edwards "What is Kundalini?" video

One meaning for the word "yoga" is "union." The goal of all traditional yoga practices -- such as stretching, breathing, scriptural study, and meditation -- is to prepare the ordinary mind and body for union with the divine. The path of disciplined practices opens up space for revelation, in which divine self-concealment begins to reverse itself through the power of grace.

This power of pure, unbounded consciousness is known in yoga as Kundalini Shakti, but she is known by many other names, including Holy Spirit, Shekinah, Sophia, and Chi. Grace is described in every spiritual tradition, but we often believe God's power to be present only to saints and sages of the past. Sometimes we also dismiss grace as a mere concept. Yet Kundalini's power is present in all times and all places, and offers profound, substantial transformation of the mind and body.

The power of Kundalini is said to "awaken" in those who are ripe for the final part of their spiritual journey. Kundalini may awaken through spiritual practices, arrive through a teacher, or happen spontaneously. The awakening begins a process that eventually allows us to know God with the same certainty with which we know that we walk and breathe.

In the Christian tradition, the Bible describes a descent of grace during Pentecost. As the apostles are gathered, suddenly "[d]ivided tongues, as of fire, appeared among them, and a tongue rested on each of them" (Acts 2). The Holy Spirit arrives in a fiery storm of transformation that marks a shift in the apostles' lives. Fire is also a classic symbol of Kundalini, representing Her process of burning and transmuting all but the individual's golden essence of Being.

The divine is always waiting and wanting to break through! Spiritual practices cultivate love and discipline the mind, preparing an inner landscape that is fertile for the divine touch. May you revel each day in God's revelation!

~ Erika


Book: Kundalini Awakening, by Lawrence Edwards

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